Project Gallery

Waveney Road

Bathroom Splashback, London

Combining various raw materials, our handmade Penang tile helps add subtle texture when used in smooth white glaze.

Designer: Johnny Cullinan Architects, 2023

Santa Barbara

Bathroom Feature Wall, LA

This luxurious bathroom uses the Penang tile in 9x9cm to create an interior focal point with a statement wall.

Designer: Salt Studios, 2021

Mount Pleasant

Custom Fireplace Hearth, London

For our clients, we spent several months experimenting with glaze combinations to give them a truly unique set of handmade tiles. This process gave them a variety of options for the hearth of their fireplace: they settled on this gorgeous midnight glaze that had a subtle amount of variation.

Designer: Two & 1/2 Dimensions, 2022

Project Clemenceau

Kitchen Splashback, Paris

In this set of 13.5×13.5cm Penang tiles, we see a fantastic shimmer of glaze variation, bringing to light the handcrafted nature of the surface. The perfect mix once combined with simple lines and modern finishes.

Designer: Agence Amu, 2023

Brixton Hill

Sink Splashback, London

Used as feature tiles behind a sink, these dusky raw Lisboa tiles in 9x9cm bring warmth and texture to a cool space.

Designer: Two & 1/2 Dimensions, 2024

Belsize Park

Kitchen Splashback, London

This maisonette combined heritage colours with very crisp finishes, providing a snug interior that still feels fresh. These darker colours match gorgeously with the Amphora tiles in 13.5×13.5cm.

Designer: Two & 1/2 Dimensions, 2023

Oxshott Road

Kitchen Splashback, Surrey

Two words: extravagant and vivacious! This kitchen embraces the Verdigris finish in a beautiful splashback, showing us just how easy it is to be brave with our interiors (and how well it pays off!).

Designer: Two & 1/2 Dimensions, 2024

Highlands Furnace

Feature Wall, Scotland

Echoing the warmth of the furnace it sits behind, this project celebrates a functional part of the house that many might have ignored.

Designer: Two & 1/2 Dimensions, 2024

Bonham Road

Shower Interior, London

During our move from London to Naples, the studio had a large amount of excess tiles, including some with defects, and others which were test tiles that never went into production. The client had a beautiful vision to use up all these tiles to create an eclectic, but sustainable, ceramic relief surface.

Designer: Two & 1/2 Dimensions, 2024